A Year And More…Keep Counting

Three Hundred and Ninety-Five Days. So. Far. And no, there isn’t an end in sight.

I’m sitting here, at my laptop, using the extra screen to make the words bigger. I’m sipping coffee. I’ve eaten a banana-nut muffin (no, didn’t bake it). I’ve taken the morning meds. The shoulder that got stabbed twice with its vaccine aches, but it’s better. In two more weeks I should be about 90% covered – meaning there’s only about a 10% chance I could get COVID.

Ten. Percent. That’s still pretty damned high. Even 1% would still be a percent chance.

Don’t get me started on the variants out there. B.117, P1, etc.

COVID vaccines may finally be getting to people. But COVID is still out there, changing and morphing into newer versions. Better transmission.

So I sit here, and later on I will put on a KN-95 mask and purple rubber gloves and go with my hubby to the only local grocery store that takes things seriously. Their employees are masked and gloved. They make sure that people come in with masks, and they provide wipes at the door for carts and such. The store maintains social distances among shoppers. It’s the only place I’ve been for over a year besides home.

This isn’t about to change. Although my friends are trying to figure out how to get together safely, and in small groups, it probably won’t happen for some time yet. We all need to get our vaccines first, and that includes kiddos. I don’t have any (well, four-footed, but that’s another post) but friends do have smaller children. When will they be cleared for vaccinations?

Am I tired of masks and gloves? Yes. But I will not stop wearing them. Am I missing the people I used to get to see at least monthly, if not weekly? YES. Gawds yes.

When I do get to see people again it will be in SMALL doses. One at a time for awhile. Maybe 2 or 3 in another 6 months or so. Depends on what COVID is doing in the local area. Right now the transmission rates and hospitalizations are still high and other areas where friends are also have higher rates of positives and hospitalizations than I feel comfortable around.

It’s all very unhappy.

So I sit, I sip coffee. I browse the internet. I check in with friends on various social platforms. Sometimes I even get to see their faces using embedded videos or ZOOM.

I do house chores. I have dinner with my hubby. We talk about what COVID is likely to do over the next couple of years. We plan on getting booster shots, and keeping masked when going out.

Three Hundred and Ninety-Five Days and counting. It’s not over. It may never really be over.

Sobbing for the old world I miss so much.

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