Stimulus Wimulus

The current (soon to be ex-) WH occupant has signed a last-minute stimulus bill into law.

What’s in it? Among other things, it has payments direct to people like the last one did in late March. People who got money the first time around will get money now.

Yay? Not really. For most people the money will go no further than paying some rent or some bills, or maybe (considering the season) it will pay for some gifts for the kids and a holiday dinner. It might be used to pay back bills or back rent. It might be used to pay for needed medications for a few weeks.

What else is in this package? More unemployment benefits – oh joy – 11 weeks more of $300 from the feds. Gee, that might just let folks pay some more back bills. It might buy some groceries.

Oh yeah, Congress did indeed put some extras in for programs like SNAP and rent relief, and for student loans. They also put in a clause that allows deductions for the ‘three martini lunch’ and payments to various big money sources. Yeah, the 5,593 page bill is a corker. It funds the government so that no stoppage will occur. It also helps out big business and wealthy people more than it helps regular Americans.

Congress passed this bill with bipartisanship, the first time in ages that sides of the aisles came together. No one wanted to go into the holiday break with no deal on the table, and even the lame duck in the WH decided to sign it. Keep the masses happy over the holidays they said, let the new administration and congress wrestle with the next round.

So we have a stimulus that will dump $600 into bank accounts within the next few months. It might take until April to get all the payments made. Between now and then a lot of people are going to lose more jobs, more homes, more security in their lives.

The costs of living have not backed down with the backing down of incomes. Not a bit. Costs keep rising because other costs around the world rise. Costs of business, of manufacture, of shipping. Because behind all those costs are people with greedy guts. More profit to drive the stock exchanges higher so that investors get their shares before anyone else gets a penny.

This bill is supposed to help stimulate buying, so that the GDP goes up. People are supposed to use the money they get to pay for things they need. Well, they will pay for things they need, but not many things and not things beyond giving landlords money they will sock into their own pockets. Or various utilities money to sock into the pockets of their C-Suite people.

I’m hoping the incoming administration and congress does some drastic things in the coming months. Stimulus isn’t working for most Americans. We need real changes in how the federal government sees the people. January 20 cannot come fast enough.

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