What Comes Next?

Election done. Declared winner. A speech or two. Some cheering. Some howls of pain and anger. Lots of vitriol on social media on every possible side.

Next? What does come next for the US?

Whatever comes next, it won’t be easy. The pandemic is still sweeping across the states, and new cases are picking up. As of November 8 the US has 103,657 new cases. And we are over 10 million cases since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The economic gallout is still creating hardships across cities and towns. People are wondering how they will celebrate holidays if they cannot spend them with family and friends.

And longer term, what will happen with immigration, with healthcare, with international trade, with entrenched racism, with the LBGTQIA+ communities?

The US has so many strikes against it just now. And the next 4 years are going to test us all. What you do may have an effect on what happens on larger stages everywhere.

We need to make sure that the transition of government takes place legally and safely. And this may all be held up by pouts and shouts and stubbornness. It may be complicated by local protests. It may be complicated by social media vitriol and wider media video.

We’ve been a testing ground for democratic processes for the last 229 years under the Constitution and all the state and local laws put into effect. Some of that law has been good, some bad and we’ve fixed some of the bad. We still have to fix more and then enforce the law. That is how our democratic processes should work – with a framework of law and legal precedent to build upon.

A framework is one thing. We also need the bricks and mortar. That means you, the individual. You’ve hopefully voted. And now you need to reach out and listen to the issues. And we need to come together and compromise on solutions.

President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris said some of this on Saturday. It is time to begin to heal, if we can. Are you going to be a part of compromise and solution, or more cracks in the plaster?

Me? I am going for more plaster. I’d like a few of those cracks healed. A few. Four years is a short amount of time. Let’s make the most of it. Plaster, listening and compromise.

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