Debate 2020: What a … (fill in the blank yourself)

Last night we saw how a bully, coward and unfit person rams himself into every conversation. The 6 year old in me was ready to take on this schoolyard bully, fists at the ready (thank you, my dear friend AAKH, for your post on FB!). The adult in me is still ready to fight, though I have more weapons than this person who calls himself president.

I know there are people out there who don’t care, who cannot see past his celebrity status, his ties to the white supremicists, or his propping up of corporate greed and tax evasion. How is this possible? Simple. Don’t educate yourself. Just go with what you know in your small world.

The real world is very complex. It has nuances that demand education. Doing this when you cannot reliably fill your belly or keep a roof over your head is impossible.

So, last night. We watched. We tweeted. We posted to various social media.

Some of us drank whenever we hit a keyword, and went to bed with a headache. Said headache could have been from the debate or the booze. Take your pick.

We are none the wiser on how this White House occupant will ‘fix’ the ACA, or deal with the coronavirus. We are none the wiser on the interference of China or Russia in the election process.

A presidential debate should be the time to really learn about the candidate. We learned quite a bit about Biden, and heard his leadership in every syllable that actually got through the bluster of the other person. We learned nothing new about the current WH occupant. He’s a master deflector of queries, and he speaks like the 3rd grader his mind operates at and his followers understand.

The CEOs out there don’t need to listen. He’s got them. All they want is less tax responsibility and more profits. Small business owners are pretty much the same. No responsibilities except taking in more money.

Workers out here listened, and heard their lives going downhill even further. Women listened, and heard nothing that will make their lives better. People from the LGBTQIA+ communities listened, and heard crickets about their needs. BLM people heard the call to arms, which is frightening enough. “Stand back and stand by.”? Yeah, I’d be shivering too.

Biden at least got in some zingers. Yay zingers. When you tell a sitting president to shut up twice? Yeah, that’s a hashtag.

Meanwhile, I wanted to know what the hell We the People are going to be able to do about the coronavirus, about unemployment, about anger and fear and protests, about cyberattacks and cybercrime, about immigration and trade, about human rights for all people. I heard some answers from Biden, nothing from this WH occupant.

I’m still nursing the headache, so maybe I will see something in other reviews and summaries. Maybe.

Back to the coffee, the aspirin and the rest of the news.

More debates next week? I’ll be here.

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