Dear Students,

Stop being pains in your parents behinds.

I get it. This all sucks. Stuck at home AND still expected to do schoolwork. Your parents are probably busy trying to keep everything going. And they want you to do math? or reading? or essays? UGH!

This is going to be hard to hear. But SUCK IT UP AND DO YOUR WORK. Really.

And I can just hear the whining you are all doing. You suck. You all suck. I don wanna do schoolwork! I just wanna play video games! I wanna go out with my friends! I wanna have sleepovers! I wanna go OUT!! 

Yeah, we all do.

But school is still a thing. And your teachers are hard at work also. They are scouring the internet for ways to make this distance-learning work. They are having meetings with principals and other teachers online, trying to figure out how to teach things to kids who don’t want to do this. They are just as stuck as you are. And they are worried about all of you too. Some of you have relatives who are sick, or have passed. Some of you are sick as well. Teachers all over are worried and trying really hard to keep it all going.


Because when this is all over (and it will be over sometime!) you will still all have to finish your learning, and go out into this horrible world. And you will have to navigate the icky stuff out there. And hopefully your learning will have prepared you to do this navigation. You will have learned how to think through problems you face, that your community faces, that your city/town faces, that your state faces. Or even that your nation faces. And maybe, just maybe, your problem-solving skills will help find solutions.

So this is a really hard time. Yeah, it is. This Virus is EVERYWHERE. And it’s cramped up everything and anything you all want.  It sucks. Yup, it does.

But have a small care for the teachers who are trying to help. Remember they are stuck at home too.


A Teacher’s Spouse


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