Okay, Gen X

Okay, Gen X. Forgotten once again.

Okay Gen X. Forgotten and pushed aside by the two huge generations on either side of you. Boomers fight with their kids, the millennials. And we get shoved, pushed, slugged.

I’m sitting here with whatever classic rock station I can find to play just music to me. No advertising. I’m cynical that way, as are many of my cohort. Advertising lies. We grew up in the shadow of the Nixon White House. We learned early that politicians are crap.

We grew  up in the shadow of the cold war, thinking we wouldn’t have to face our 30s as the world would just blow itself up in nuclear annihilation. We clung to Saturday morning cartoons and chocolate cereal that turned milk chocolate. We grabbed Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County  [© ® ™] and laughed our asses off.  We wanted to be Calvin. We wanted to be Opus Krokus and play metal tuba with Deathtöngüe. Billy and the Boingers? Well, maybe….

We faced our 30s. We’ve faced our 40s and are staring into our 50s with dead eyes. The world has passed us by. Forgotten. Everyone wants to know what the boomers and millennials and gen z’rs are doing. The boomers ruined things. The millennials are ruining things. Gen Z is figuring out how to ruin things.  We’re here just trying to find one classic rock station that plays music. And maybe find some cartoons on You Tube.

We tried to embrace the generations around us. Honestly. We tried to work with them. They never listened. They never even tried to listen. The boomers buried themselves in commercialism and stuffed the world with things. Millennials put on their ear buds and started selling off all the stuff to anyone who wanted it. Gen Z is crying out that there’s too much stuff in the world and we need to stop before the climate kills us all.

We Xers sit here with our games (rpg, board, video), our movies, our music. We curl up and pretend that we can still find Saturday morning cartoons and chocolate cereal. The cartoons are there, but we need to find our credit cards to make them play. And the chocolate cereal causes cancer. We sigh. We pull up. And we go on being forgotten.

One thought on “Okay, Gen X

  1. I’ve never thought of myself as intergeneration before, but yeah. This is my experience too. BTW, I’ve started streaming music now so I don’t have to deal with radio commercials. Good writing; evocative.

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