Rainy Day, Rainy Musings

Rain. There are times I just hate rain. Today is one of them.

There’s been too much rain lately, too many days of wet. Wet roads, wet trees. Slick roads. Slick words from many corners of the news and social media. And too many out there lapping up those slicks.

Got a You Tube vid on in the background as I write these words – one of the Vampire: LA By Night vids. Yeah, okay, I’m a gamer geek in whatever spare time I find. And sometimes gamers have a way of reflecting back things going on in the real world. Vampires, after all, are just humans who live only at night. And they still have all the problems humans do – the need for privacy, the need for truth, the need for justice. And its in short supply in so many ways.

Last post on this blog was a letter to those facing hard choices, letting them know I was out here if they needed an Auntie to go to. Still and always will mean that.

I’m sitting here with a cat looking out the window, and a slow cup of coffee. Taking it slow, sipping and thinking. Slick roads. Slick words. Too fast to truly comprehend. Posted one moment and gone the next from the feeds. Shared and gone. But what lingers is the half-learned notion. What was that I saw? Who’s doing what to whom for how many twinkies? **tap tap tap**

Too fast, these slick words. Too many ideas and ideals that come and go and aren’t fully thought through. Comprehension only on a surface level.

When we learn to read, we are taught to comprehend the words we read. Take each word and put it in its place in the sentence.

Image result for sentence diagrams

At least, that’s how I was taught.

But these days its more about a gestalt. Learn the words and then smush them together and hope you understand what they mean and why. And then try to tell everyone else around you what you think you learned.

Rain. Slick. The roads are slick out there. Open the laptop and open a website and click on a video. And slip and slide through it. Whoa. Did you really understand? Can you really tell someone what you saw and heard? Subjectively? Objectively?

So many videos. GIFs. Memes. Snippets on social media. Small summaries. Fake? Can we even tell?

Okay. breathe. Drink more coffee. Watch the rain and the cat. Listen to more LA By Night. Giggle a little. Gasp a little. Have hiccups over Alex Ward as Jasper. And for once, just once, no worries about what this all means. Its just a fictional story (right?)

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