Collusion: Definition

Definition of collusion: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose: acting in collusion with the enemy


The president is deflecting again. And again, the public is calling him out. His supporters notwithstanding, many people just are tired of him and his absolute refusal to see things without rose colored glasses.

Note that he would wear glasses, mind you.

When an official of a government makes deals with people who are known to act against the best interests of a foreign people, that’s collusion.

Now Mueller has to prove it. And prove it all the way to the president.

Go go go!

Whether congress acts on anything, that’s up to the election coming up.

In 98 more days the people will vote. And they will (hopefully) speak out against their federal representatives that are colluding with the president, they will speak out against their state representatives that have bought into the president’s rhetoric, they will speak out against local representatives who have bought in as well.

One can hope anyway.

Collusion. Remember that word.

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