Treason: the crime of betraying one’s country

The president has committed treason.

Whether we as citizens do something about it is up to us.

We’ve taken to social media in droves, posting tons of memes and links to articles written by professionals. We’ve sent up emojis of anger and sadness. We’ve retweeted and shared.

But now we really need to do something that will have real effects.

Each locality, each city, each town, each state needs to come together and draw up real petitions to impeach. Then we need to send these petitions to our congressional representatives and senators. We need to let them know that we, their constituents, the people of these United States, will not tolerate a president who caves to foreign influences, who sides with cyberwarfare against the US people, who knows that without such foreign influence he would not be the president.

We need to act in the real world, not on social media.

Republicans and Democrats alike must understand that this presidency has been set up all along by a foreign power. That said foreign power has control over this president in some way.  Our representatives in DC need to know how filled with shame and anger we really are.

You’ve seen this before, and you are seeing it now. Call, email, write. If you do not speak up you are letting treason stand and letting the country you say you love be actually ruled by a foreign power.

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