Jobs Report: Nada

I’m sitting here silently fuming. Two hundred twenty-three thousand new jobs added, unemployment at three-point-eight percent. And everyone is celebrating. The markets are up, there’s optimism out there.

Not me. Oh no. I’ve been a forced housewife for the last 3 years. And before that I was a returnee to college, 3 years full time getting a degree I thought might help get a job I could do well. Before that I was indeed a full time employee, and could have stayed a full time employee where I was.  I left because I just wasn’t happy, and my health was suffering. Into my 40s and I wanted to do something better.

Now I’m a housewife with no possibility of getting paid work unless I take a local retail job and work shifts for minimum wage. And ruin my health even more.

The statistics put out by the powers that be LIE. L-I-E. Where are the statistics about part time work when full time is wanted? Where are the statistics about being able to pay off debts on the wages being paid? Where are the statistics about people like me, older workers who have been left out of the jobs market?

The report that came out today is full of holes. Where are the REAL statistics?

Until there are real statistics on jobs, I’ll just go back to vacuuming. After all, I’ve been forced to be a housewife. Might as well do what needs doing.

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