Toxic: [ENTER] at your Own Risk

I’m not the first to notice, nor will I be the last. The culture that is out there on the internet ranges from helpful and comforting to extreme toxicity. So much so that people have committed suicide, stopped talking to long-time friends, stopped going to local community gatherings, etc.

We’ve created this Thing out there, this way to communicate. We sit down at a keyboard (or stand and thumb a screen) and we reply to something or start something because – oo – this thing is something I need to show others!

And yet, behind our keyboards and thumbed screens, we are angry, frustrated, unhappy with what we see. The environment thus created is more toxic than a small child’s dirty diaper. No one wants to touch it and change it, but it’s still there, stinking up everything.

It’s so easy to say something on the internet. So easy to press [SEND] or [ENTER]. Not so easy to step away, breathe for 10, and then come back and read what you’ve said, to hear it in a voice. Does it really sound like you? How will the person receiving your words hear them? Hard to tell, isn’t it? What’s going on in your head will never be what’s going on in their heads. You’re different people, with different processing going on in your brains.

The toxification of the internet is ongoing. Trolls have helped shape an election, trolls have helped others into their graves. The environment out there requires a mask that can withstand the elemental jargon that blows every which way from every corner. It stinks to high heaven.

We created this Thing. this internet. We are helping now to create and balloon its toxic environment. Just like our own planetary atmosphere, we are adding toxic particles every time we post or comment or reply.  Put up the warning sign. Take a deep breath. And then post, comment or reply.

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