Bombed Weather

Not gonna go into weather details. You’ve seen that from many other sources. Suffice it to say, across a lot of the US, it’s fekkin’ COLD!!

The bomb cyclone hit my home area yesterday, and, while the snow was not a huge deal, the winds were. We had 40-50 mph gusts rattling windows all over this older house. I am glad we had no major tree-falls or branches coming down on local roads.

The local snow plows have been through, and hubby managed to dig out most of the driveway with a shovel after the snow blower crapped out. One pass and it just stopped working. Just got the bloody thing last year! Hope it’s just water in the gas line or something similar that can be fixed quick!

Older homes. Yeah, we live in a post-war cape with a small extension off the back. The windows leak air like mad. No wonder we are always cold and need to have the oil tank replenished often. Homeownership? Sometimes its a PITA!

My neighbors are weathering well. No major issues in the development that I can see or that I know of.

My friends out in social media land are okay, if a little discombombulated. One friend needed about 8 hours to get home after work due to public transit issues. Another sent a pic of a street taking its name literally.  Several have mentioned looking into more woolen socks. Where are mine, btw? Argh…

Weather like this tends to inhabit the news and social media for days, so at least I know I can get updates if this cold snaps away anytime. Or if it decides to stay around.

Coz if it stays around longer than a few days Ima gonna need more wool!

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