Current Toxic Masculinity

Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer – Garrison Keillor fercrissake. And we are still waiting on figures from political life – Conyers, Franken, Moore – and Trump.

Men who reach these positions of power have something inside them – drive. A deep desire to succeed in life. And it seems to go along with sexual predator, rapist and sexual harasser. Men succeeding in careers go right along with the ability to rape, assault and harass – and with the power to keep women quiet about such, it’s frightening. Women have said so many times.

Within this capitalist society the drive to succeed, to make money, to reach a position of power creates men who hurt women. It creates women who are frightened of going to work. It creates women who hide their pain and suffering. It creates an environment that doesn’t function well, as women avoid or ignore their pain and men keep getting away with being toxic.

You can say the current rain of men being fired from their positions of power is just that, a current rain that will stop. I can only hope it continues. And I can hope that in the corridors of power in D.C., women will speak up enough to stop the toxic masculinity there.


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