Scary Media Stuff

My hubby found this TED Talk a few days ago. He sent me the link, and it’s scared the piss out of me.

If media companies can manipulate consumers at the micro level, what does this mean? Really mean?

Oh, you might say, “But I have ad-blockers, and they keep companies from using such targeted ads.” Maybe an ad-blocker does that for part of your internet experience. Maybe. There are still places where ad-blockers don’t help.

And the really frightening thing? What if you are bi-polar in or nearing a manic phase? Could ads targeted at you at those moments make you jet off to Vegas and blow everything you have? What if you are in a depressive phase, and ads targeted at you show you guns, or other weapons for purchase?

Media manipulations are getting scarier and scarier. Your best bet is to be objective, and not emotional – but we all know how not-workable that is.


Maybe we need to figure out emotional security. 

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