We’ve Forgotten

I remember sitting and watching the movie on TV. The great Danny Kaye holding forth as  the fictional Max Feldman, a holocaust survivor. I remember thinking “didn’t we defeat the Nazis in World War 2? Why are they still around?”

They are still around. And we’ve forgotten that they should have no voice here.

The tragedy of Charlottesville is just one more nail in the coffin of the United States. We’ve allowed the scared and unhappy white population to claim the media’s attention, to reach through our computers and claim spaces on our social media feeds.

What we have forgotten is that this administration wants us distracted. Allowing the blow up of media coverage is one way. Allowing us to fulminate in our own juices as we contemplate the latest outrages. We sit out here and fume. And ultimately do nothing to effect change.

Nazis/White Power Groups feel emboldened by this administration. And they are happy to come out of hiding, shouting and raging at the ‘injustices’. I heard them and I heard Danny Kaye:


“Rabbi, I am telling you and Mayor Smith. You want to avoid violence? I will tell you how. If you want no violence, keep the Nazis out! Because if they march here, if they bring the swastika here, I swear to you, nothing, there is nothing that will keep me from fighting. On the memory of my mother, the Nazis will not march. On my life, on the grave of my mother, which was a lime pit at the death camp at Mauthausen, a pile, a heap of naked Jewish bodies, on that grave, I swear.”

Replace Jewish and Holocaust references with African American references. Or Hispanic. Or any other group that the Nazis/White Power groups want to get rid of in America. Does it sound like today? It should.

Our diversity should keep us strong. Instead we are allowing small portions of that diversity to accumulate hate for other groups and shriek at the media. We’ve forgotten how to keep our diversity strong.

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