Finding Ways to Speak Out

Sometimes you just get bogged down by all the information. You want to share it, you want to make sure information gets out there. But there’s so much of it, and not all of it is real, truthful, trusted. One has to be careful what one shares.

Finding a voice. That’s what I’ve been up to the past few months. I’ve signed on to help as a volunteer with some political activism by posting on a known social media site. I get to sort through articles and activist calls so that others may benefit. Step one.

Step two – haven’t gotten there yet. Should I speak out politically on here? I don’t think this is the right venue. This is supposed to be my ideas and thoughts about lots of things. Not just politics. Besides, politics these days is MESSY.

Many more people are out there these days, speaking out on both sides of the sticky aisles. I feel like I’m stepping in mashed caramel popcorn every time I go that way when all I want to do is find a seat and eat my caramel popcorn to watch the show.

But speaking up. About my wants – locally, statewide and federally. I want to know that my voice has meaning. One voice. Can one voice in hundreds of millions have meaning? I sure hope it does. Because I am going to go back to my volunteer stuff. And post. And keep posting. Step one.

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