When a Plan Comes Together


Plans can come together in so many ways, but mostly they work when people actively labor towards goals. In this case, the Koch Brothers have gotten parts of their long standing goal – to get a federal government in place that will downsize, downsize, downsize. More legroom for business to grow, more wiggle room for businesses.  The Libertarian part of the Koch Brothers are rejoicing too, as they see downsizing the federal government, if not its outright dismantling, as part of the plan.

The recent pull out from the Paris Accords by the United States is, indeed, part of the plan.  It also prompted city mayors and state governors, as well as business CEOs and university presidents to say they would and could back the accords of their own will and the will of the people they represent.

All part of the plan. Get the states and cities to step up. Smaller federal, more local government. Less federal oversight, more local. Get the local taxes up, the federal taxes down. Make the states and cities have the onus for taking care of the people, or not as the case may be.

A plan is coming together. And it is poised to weaken the United States.

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