Wanted: Work

Two years. Two years since I graduated college and nothing. No paying jobs.

I’ve done everything I know how to do. Applied everywhere. Asked people about applying. Reached out to people and ‘networked’. Nothing. Zip.

I know I am not the usual college graduate. At nearly 50 I am older. And I have worked before, for nearly 25 years. I’ve been a receptionist, an administrative assistant, a payroll admin. I’ve been the office go-to gal and the office manager’s right hand.

These days the jobs I would get are being taken by younger people. These days there are more and more applicants for every job. The entry-level positions I could do with ease are out of reach for me, due to age and skill level. The just-above entry level positions – I’ve applied for them, only to be turned down because I don’t have the ‘right’ words on my resume. Or I’ve read through the requirements and discovered something I just don’t have – foreign language skills, coding skills, web design/maintenance skills.

And these are positions that, baring one thing in the requirements, I could do. And learning new skills would be good, right? But not on company time. On my own time, with my own money. Anyone have another $1500-$2000 so I can take certifications?

It’s depressing out there for older workers who’ve been let go. It’s depressing because we have skills and abilities, we have much to offer, but no one wants us. We are older, therefore we also have medical needs which drive up insurance costs for companies. We don’t want to work longer hours without extra pay, and we’d like to be able to spend time with our families. Today’s managers don’t want us, they want replaceable young workers who don’t mind 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week.

I’ve been there and done that. And I know I just can’t do that anymore.

So, what’s left for me? Even the retail jobs are disappearing.

I’m still hireable. Really. I still have things to offer to a company. Any takers?

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