Stately Hodgepodge?

Someone once asked me if I thought the United States should be 50 individual countries. It took me awhile, but ultimately I said no. We are better off as a single country, with some flexible local ordinances to find tune local problems. As a single country we have more to offer on the world stage. As a single country we can hold our own against outside invaders.

These days it seems that partisanship, racism, xenophobia, the internet and downright ‘getoutness’ has pulled people even further apart than they have ever been. Small pockets of sameness with wide stretches of nothingness or strung out bits of that sameness span localities and states. Each thinks that they are the best of it all.

Is the United States headed for what I call a stately hodgepodge? Coastal liberal regions bracketing conservative patchworks of religion, ethnicity and racism?

We are already a hodgepodge. We all came here from Somewhere else. Even those who came back in the colonial days. We are descendants of those who wanted better, who were thrown out of their own countries for descent, or even treason. And now that we are here, we should try better to make this patchwork into a whole quilt that can cover us all and keep us from the worst storms.

Stately Hodgepodge? No. A stately quilt, stitched together to be stronger than a single podge.

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