Dear Women of the United States:

I cannot be there on January 21. I wish I could. For every one of you who do make it to DC, remember there are probably a hundred more who cannot make the journey. Represent each and every one of those hundred.

Remember to kick butt and chew bubblegum. And then run out of bubblegum.

Women need to tell this new administration, not just the incoming president, but all of Congress and the Supreme Court, that they are out here. Their lives, their needs, wants and hopes are part of the fabric of these United States. They need healthcare and childcare.They need eldercare. They need healthy food on their tables. They need jobs that pay equal to men’s. They need education that they can afford.

They need respect. They need to live without fear of reprisals in any corner.

Tell Congress and the incoming president and SCOTUS that you will write to them, email them, call them – over and over and over again – on every decision that involves women’s lives. You will vote people out of office in two years when the mid term elections come up. You will make sure they know you exist. And you aren’t going to live in fear.

Dear Women of the United States: be proud to be there. Hold your head high. Walk with everyone. Hold hands. Sing. Loudly. Be a Woman.


A Woman of the United States


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