The Worst Year

tumblr_nl8luj2x8h1sd374jo1_500 (Photo from a reddit source)

It started with the death of my dear father in law. It continued with the deaths of several notables. It widened with the deaths of other dear friends.  It careened into crazy with the United States Election Cycle. And it’s going to go out with the whimpering howl of pain that is the Liberal Agenda.

Oh there are other things that I could add to the mix. I won’t. You out there know what the bad is – for you and for others. After all, we have social media. We can instantly see and hear and read about all the bad things.

Close the door on 2016. Hard. Open the door on 2017. And breathe slowly, deeply. Peek in. Are we ready for even worse?

giphy (Source: giphy-Jason Clarke)

It may be. With the inauguration of the next president, the United States may see some drastic changes to policy that will change lives, and not for the better. I’m battening down for my mother in law, who is still coping with the death of her husband of 45 years. I’m getting ready for the posts from friends who aren’t healthcare secure. I’m bracing for the posts from #NoDAPL allies I know.  I’m waiting for the evening conversations with hubby about this or that student who ‘disappeared’ because they were illegally here. I’m waiting to see if I even will be able to get a job.

The rest of the world is bracing for how Brexit roles out. Other countries are going through their own elections (however open or real they are). Some areas of the world are locked in conflicts that seem to have no end. And terrorists are taking their messages to the western nations that they perceive as being the cause of their own pain. Climate and weather are bearing down, causing flooding. Upheavals in the Earth itself are discombobulating whole towns.

What can we do? Many of us have already retreated into fantasy. Games. Movies. TV shows. I personally have found episodes of Xena and Star Trek on H&I. Oh and episodes of Quincy ME. I go for the old school stuff. Deal with the Real World (TM)? Not on our lives. There’s Ingress portals to snatch, and Pokemon to grab! Moana is waiting too.

The worst year? So far. There may be more ‘worst’ to come. Stay tuned.

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