Plus Sized & Happy

A friend recently posted this link on one of her social media feeds.

I am, for your information, according to the fashion industry, plus sized. Have been for many years now. At midlife I have no wish to try and fit into a size zero, or even a size 8. I’m also fairly curvy, so something that fits my top half doesn’t necessarily fit my bottom half. And my bottom half needs room through the thighs and hips but the waist can be somewhat smaller.

Right now I happily pull on size 18, and sometimes size 20. I make sure when I shop that I can find women’s sizes. I don’t shop often, but I look for things I can wear, wash and still wear. Shrinkage is a bad thing far as I am concerned.

But the poster of the link above was mad about not finding clothes in stores. Stores? Bah! First of all, trying on clothes in stores means you have to wait on lines to get into a fitting room. Secondly, you have to try on things that other people have also tried on (ick in my book). Third, you have to put up with people whispering about how you look.

I don’t have to deal with this. The world can think what it wants to. I thumb my nose at them all. Pfftt!!!

Catalogues  and websites are wonderful things. And once you know how certain brands cut their clothes, you can find things that fit, feel comfortable, and are returnable if necessary. And I can create my own look, mixing and matching things from different vendors.

All of this is tied up with being aware of my body, being happy with it, and knowing that for those who matter, my size doesn’t concern them. Jiggly butt. Loose flesh. Healthy.

C’mon fashion industry! Catch up to the world! And start creating clothes for all of us!

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