Still Looking…

…for work.

I knew it would be a hard road, and a long one. But its getting to the nail-biting stage. Hubby is now regularly borrowing from savings to pay our bills. We’ve had to take on two new long-term debts in the form of a new car for him (auto-accident this past December not our fault) and a car for me so I can do local errands and get to that possible job.

I send out resumes and cover letters. I scan Craigslist and other job posting sites. I try to read up on resume forms and cover letter inclusions. I think about spending money on having someone help me redo my resume.

Obviously, nothing I’ve done has worked. Oh I almost had something part-time and temporary back in January, and then Life Intervened and took me away from an interview. Since then there’s been only one bite – and that from a person who didn’t need someone working for her as a whole team of someones to get her into therapy. I even applied to work at one of the local retail grocery chains – and got turned down when I told them I couldn’t lift more than maybe 10 lbs at a time.

My age and physical health  is against me. So is the fact I’ve been effectively out of work since mid-2011. So is the fact that I have 20+ years of office experience and can still only do junior office jobs. I don’t have the experience for an office manager’s or assistant office manager’s position even though I could do the work with one hand tied behind my back.

Well what about that brand new college degree? you ask. Pfft! Unless I wanted to do intern work and regular work while getting that degree, as well as work 50-60 hour weeks and never have time with my husband or our friends and family, it’s a non-starter. Right now that degree is only getting me to send my resume to job possibilities that wouldn’t even look at me pre-degree. And I suspect that most places I send that resume to don’t even look at it past sending it through their keyword software and chucking it away.

So what do I do now? I keep sending out resumes. And hoping. And if it gets to where we have no more savings to dip into to pay bills I panic and start selling off everything I can. And then I cry. A lot.


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