Resounding Meme

Awhile back I created a Pintrest Board called ‘My Inside Out’. I’d gone to see the Pixar movie with my hubby on one of our infrequent Date Nights. We loved it (he absolutely fell out of his seat at the end when inside the cat’s head was shown – we have two of them) and I began to think about how the persona’d emotions felt right.

I created the board as a way for me to share what my own brain was doing with my emotional map. And I found a meme that summed up what I was feeling one day.

ddcbdcd091bd9ef408d4262443a8a48f I was exhausted. And sad. And I wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed with a book or two and just lose myself in book-worlds instead of dealing with the frustration of job searching, the endless mounds of laundry, the endless house projects and the endless hours my husband works as a NYC teacher. This meme spoke to me. So I pinned it.

Apparently it speaks to others as well. As of today there are over 300 others who have repinned this, and nearly 100 who have liked it. I know that’s a small – tiny – iota – infinitesimal – amount of people, but I think it’s just the tip of what’s out there.

Being an adult in today’s world is tough. We try so hard to appear strong and in control of what our lives throw at us. We put on our brave faces, our big-girl/boy pants and deal.

But we also just want to curl up with a security blanket Linus

And forget about problems.

We are exhausted from trying to be stronger than we feel. Someone out there created this meme and posted it. Whomever you are, thank you. You summed up our collective Inside Outs.

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