Iowa, and Forward

Ted Cruz triumphs. Clinton squeezes by Sanders. Miles to go….

Folks, its gonna be a slog of a primary season. The worst part? Fewer eligible people are coming out to vote. Iowa showed only 351,000 or so voters on both sides. Yes, its tough in Iowa because a caucus is different and requires more time and effort. But the fact that voters did not turn out makes it harder to judge who really got attention at the polls.

Ultimately, voters are going to have to speak up. Its the voting public who are going to chose who gets the party nomination and who will be front and center in the autumn as the United States puts another person in the White House, plus elects senators, congresspeople, governors and other officials.

What do you want to happen in your local area? Does your state need new jobs? Does your locality need monies for roads, bridges or other projects? Start asking yourself what really needs to happen at the Federal level. What changes need to be made to immigration policy? To foreign policy with regards to the Middle East? To taxation at the federal level?

Many Americans don’t bother to vote when they perceive that they don’t really have a choice in the presidential race. But there are myriad other races that need deciding. Local and state races that mean ultimately more because the people who get elected at that level get to make more concentrated changes to what you see and experience every day.

Voters matter. Voting Matters. Speak up Americans!

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