The State of Job Seeking


It’s been a few years since I have done a job search. I’ve kept up with how and where to look. I have an updated and pretty thorough resume. I can write a decent cover letter.

And I am facing dead silence from any and all companies I might want to work for. Chirp Chirp. 

Age? Well, yeah that might be a factor. Almost 50. Just recently finished my BA (like in May). Took off from working in order to go to college to begin with. No internships. No volunteer work I can have people write recommendations for. My last full time job ended in 2011. Chirp chirp. 

LinkedIn? Yeah, I’m on it. Full profile and everything. Joined groups. Following a few companies. Got several aggregate sites sending me more job opportunities. Most of them duplicates of duplicates of others I’ve already looked at/applied for.

Still hearing nothing. Oh wait, yeah, rejections. About a half dozen places out of the 50 or so applications deigned to write back and let me know I didn’t make the cut. 6 out of 50.

Where have I gone wrong?

And now the loudness starts. You didn’t get certifications. You should have internships and volunteer work to show. You should be willing to work weekends and shifts. You need to be bold and write to companies you want to work for even if they don’t have jobs advertised. You need to show a company you want to work for them, give them a reason to create a job for you.

I spent 3 years getting my BA. I even got magna cum laude and phi beta kappa. Learned a lot about the world and communicating with it. All I want is a job where I can be useful, where I can do something that will make me feel good when a project is completed. And now I have to go back and do even more?

I don’t have time to do this. I’m not a 20-something or even a 30-something. I’m an almost-50 with 20+ years of office experience. I don’t have time to negotiate mazes of internet applications and software that scrutinizes every keyword. I don’t want to get in people’s faces asking for work. Hi I love your company and oh here’s my resume call me sometime. Yeah, just doesn’t work for me.

I’m a good worker. I can type. I can answer phones. I’m organized. I’m punctual and willing to finish projects. I’m willing to learn new skills and regimens while on the job. I’m even willing to commute 2 hours to get to an office if necessary.

3 months past graduation. Nothing to show for it. In 3 more months I might be asking if you want fries with that burger.


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