Dear Bernie Sanders…

il_570xN.655880414_t4zk Dear Bernie Sanders:

You are finally running for president. Yay!

I know you aren’t thinking about winning, but about creating a better discussion in Democratic corners about the problems faced by the middle class. You want to force Hillary into showing where she stands on so many relevant issues. Wages are stagnant, jobs that pay living wages are few and far between. Rising costs of living are making people choose between feeding themselves and paying bills. Public education has been gutted in favor of privatized charter schools that don’t treat children equally (and let’s not mention what they are doing to the teaching profession).  Saving for retirement is a far away dream for most. We need to have these discussions. We need to know how America should go forward into the meat of the 21st Century.

Mr. Sanders, I applaud your stances. I applaud your push to get us all talking. Many of us have been talking, at least among ourselves for years now. We hoped so much when the Democrats finally got back into the White House – and with a minority candidate too! But he got sucked into Washington’s Machine, and the things he may have wanted to do got shot down by big business, special interests and entrenched polarities.

You are brave, Mr. Sanders. You want to hear the cries of outrage as Americans go to the polls. You want us to learn about how our country’s elites have betrayed the dreams of so many who work hard but get nothing to show for it. Some of us have learned, are indeed outraged and want to tear DC’s autocrats a new a-hole.

And yet, many Americans don’t have the time or inclination to learn from you or your messages. How are you going to reach them? How are you going to make millions of people stop and listen to you?

Mr. Sanders, you have a long road ahead. I will be out here, listening. And maybe, just maybe, I will get a few more people to listen and learn.


Lilli Haicken

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