When A Friend Has A Viral Internet Moment

Yesterday was a big day for Rick Wolff. I mean really.

0d93647This is my friend Rick. He’s an awesome artist and graphic designer. Yesterday he tweeted a drawing of his interpretation of a font he called Hillary Bold, based on the logo Hillary Clinton is using for her 2016 presidential bid. Within hours of his tweet, the internet’s population decided his idea was way cool. The font got renamed hillvetica, a hashtag ensued (#hillvetica), as did media attention (including The Washington Post) and Rick deciding to make the font a real, downloadable, useful font. He started a GoFundMe page so he could purchase software to create the font the right way. It got funded within the day. Today that font is on its way to being used, and even Hillary Clinton seems to like the font.

Virality is something you can’t predict. And having someone you know have one of these moments is probably a one in several million chance. For Rick, this is an amazing opportunity. Like I said, he’s an awesome artist and graphic designer. I hope his font gets used all over the place. And I hope people remember his name so they can request more artistry from him.

Me? I’m gonna sit back and keep watching the internet and see what the next viral moment is.

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