A Need to be Relevant

Brian Williams should not return to TV news. There, I said it.

Brian Williams has a problem. He wants to be relevant to everyone. He wants to be worshiped as someone who has been there and done that, all while keeping his pretty face and his hair neat. He inflated his relevance to the point where someone called him on it, and others in the media pounced on the information, turning it into a story in of itself.  I call that someone who should not be the face of a network’s news coverage.

News needs to exist outside of a face telling the tale. The story is the focus, the people within it the key players. If a news reporter, anchor, or other person within that organization becomes more than the story, there’s a problem.

There are some people in this world who just need, period. They need to be fawned over, clung to, worshiped. Whatever is relevant they glom onto, tell the world they too were a part of it. They need to have people telling them they are terrific at every turn. Narcissistic? Perhaps. But also someone we should not have on national TV news.

News should be something one reads or listens to and then takes time to process and understand. Immediate reactions aside, any news story needs to be understood without the interference of a reporter or anchor’s face. Faces communicate their feelings, and we pick up on them. It’s too easy to sympathize without thinking when there’s a face telling the tale, rather than the tale telling itself.

Brian Williams went too far, and should not be allowed back. If this seems harsh, so be it. Mr. Williams needs to know he cannot insert himself into events and stories. He is not that relevant.

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