On the Sidelines this Voting Day


For the last 17 years, since my good friend L”J” kicked me in the butt and said “you need to register to vote!” I voted in all the elections I was eligible for. In recent years I kicked myself into learning more about the candidates and measures on the ballots I cast. Learning more about how the American political system works doesn’t mean I like it any more than I did when I was not voting at all, even though age-wise I was eligible. At least now I feel I like have a voice in what happens around me.

Except tomorrow. I am sidelined. Why? Because I moved this past summer. And even though when I frantically filled out tons of paperwork to change my address everywhere, my voting status did not change. And I found out too late that I will not be able to vote in my new home district.


To put it mildly, it sucks. Not only am I shut out when I so diligently researched my new local area’s representatives and made some decisions as to who I might want to vote for, but I am also shut out of voting for larger state and federal representatives when my vote might just make a difference. The House of Representatives and the US Senate are shifting towards Republicans. Will this create even more gridlock between The White House and The Hill? One can only imagine. My state’s senate is poised to turn from one party to the other as well, with some key districts up for grabs, including the one I now live in.

I am surrounded by reminders to vote. I am surrounded by ways to show you did vote. Even this website that helps me write this blog has an “I Voted” App that can help me get a badge.

Phooey! %*!Q)$!%$)!$ !!!!

So, people, if you can vote tomorrow, do so. I will be sitting on the sidelines, watching the results come in, and kicking myself. Thanks L”J”. Now I can grumble about note being ABLE to VOTE!

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