Personal Bodies, Personal Opinion

I don’t often air such personal opinions, but today’s SCOTUS decision to allow Hobby Lobby, Inc. to opt its employees out of healthcare that includes birth control sets a precedent that I find horrific for the future of women’s personal rights. No company, large or small, should have the right to tell its employees what healthcare they can and cannot receive. Personal opinions on such topics as birth control and abortion do not belong to anyone but the woman and her doctor.

Women and the medical profession fought for decades to make it possible for women to have the right to choose for themselves about their bodies and reproduction. Choices are part and parcel of the human experience. We make both good and bad choices in life, and we learn from each one of them. Taking away the ability to choose on that personal level creates a precedent for taking away those personal choices in life.

A decision like this creates openings for other companies to ask for opt out on religious or moral grounds on many things. Or for companies to simply say that if you work for them they have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do 100% of the time, whether you are at work or not. Companies could tell you where to live, what to purchase, where to worship, what to say to others. A world like this takes away all those personal decisions that Americans fought to be able to make in the first place. I would not want to live in a world where all my choices are made for me. I am an adult, and I should have the right to make my own choices in life.

My body, my choice. Not the choice of my employer or any other entity. Take away that right to choose and you take away one of the freedoms Americans hold dear. Let’s all remember this when the polls open and we have the ability to vote for someone who believes in those personal choices.

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