Why it’s #YesAllWomen

I posted something to this blog a couple of days ago about the internet debate that has been developing around the murders in Isla Vista last Friday. My point was that we can hashtag everywhere on all sides of the issues raised but nothing is going to change. The web is a place we can air grievances and sometimes have them picked up by others. The mass media can also pick up our angry, frustrated posts and spin them every which way.  I wanted us all to get off the web and start doing things in the real world to change the cultures that created the problems.

The post in question has now been deleted. Why? Because the conversation is continuing, and escalating. Like this:


The above is an XKCD comic. I came across it via another friend’s posts. Another post on Mashable – this one – about women not being able to talk about or deal safely with a natural monthly occurrence got me as well. Over and over I see blog posts, mass media articles and social media conversations that go nowhere fast.

It doesn’t seem to matter what society we live in, or what culture we adhere to. Women are somehow lesser human beings. We are stoned for choosing love over family want, jailed for abandoning one faith for another, kidnapped for wanting to learn and become better citizens in our countries. We are condemned in the mass media and in social media for sexuality or for not being sexual enough. This is why #YesAllWomen exists. Because the world at large refuses to acknowledge that women are human beings who not only can help make the world a better place, but also can make mistakes along the way.

It has to be #YesAllWomen. The conversation has to continue. Until it explodes off the web and becomes something more. A movement to change how the world’s cultures see and treat women. It has to be this way.

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