Easter 2014, Questions Asked and Answered

So, for those of you what’s never seen this before some background. Hubby’s dad started the tradition of having hubby, as a child, search for his Easter basket of presents via plastic eggs filled with clues (and the occasional piece of candy). Hubby introduced me to the tradition the first Easter of our marriage with a plastic egg in the sink of our Harlem apartment, to which I said “what the hell is this?” (I hadn’t had coffee yet, sue me). To which he said, “its an egg dear, open it.” So I did, and off I went, looking for the next clue, getting giddier with each find. That basket was under the sink, and filled with candy, chocolates, a Heather Dale CD or two, a couple of books and a hair holder with bunny ears.

 This year, well…I thought we had put this aside until we could get into a bigger place, until we actually had some extra cash. Hubby allowed the slide last year, but he took it up again this year. I got up intending to brush my teeth – and there in the sink was an egg. “We’re doing this again?” I said. “Yes,” he said, “open it.” And I did, and off I went.

1. Surprise! Were you expecting this? You’ll need something to help wake you up first. (Thank goodness this one was easy – because if I didn’t get coffee I was not going to be able to do this. There was the second egg, perched atop the coffee pot).

2. I was used in the olden days to get the water to wet and wash. (Another easy one. Sip of coffee float and into the living room. Inside the bucket we use outside for water was another egg).

3. On Michaelmas no more am I accounted. But kept I must be for seven years. (Hrm…Michaelmas…without more coffee and some Google I was not getting this…but the seven years part…yeah…in the file drawers with our tax information was the next egg).

4. A scoundrel would use this to fly from me. (Argh!!! First stump. More coffee. Hrm…not a broom, and we don’t have carpets. Hubby lying on the sofa, looking smug. He helps, a little. Scoundrel. Scoundrel. Han Solo! One Millenium Falcon opened up and in with the Star Wars figures is the next egg).

5. We can get these from the mines in less than five parsecs. (Second stump. More coffee dangit! Think! Mines, mines…hubby is still on the sofa and offers more help. Mines – spice. The cabinet where he keeps the larger bottles of spices is where the next egg was).

6. A locked box for safe keeping of missives from far away. (I almost killed him for this one. On went a shirt and pair of sweatpants. Grab the keys. Downstairs to the mail box. Another egg).

7. Stripey!!!! (What do I have that’s striped? My Socks from the Sock Man – and another egg).

8. Stay warm throughout the year. (Warm…coats. Yup. In the coat closet).

This year’s presents include 4 more ‘1632’ books, a few Cadbury eggs, a Godiva chocolate bunny, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle named Leonardo – which will be ceremoniously lit on fire in the backyard of Northern Manor in the next year or so in recognition of my absolute hatred of the damned toys – but that’s another story.

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